Let us tell you a bit about what we’re working on...

The first results of our hard work this summer have been released and we’re already well on the way with our next release. Let us tell you a bit about what we’re working on, increased capacity and what you can expect for the upcoming months. 

Half our team has spent most of September finishing all improvements for this release. Quality has as always been a top priority and we’ve completed the most thorough round of testing ever. Simultaneously with this release we’ve started on the next release to make sure you can expect some great new features.

Here are some of the things that you can expect: 

To make sure H5P becomes an even better product than it is today we have increased the QA capacity. Our new QA engineer is Viji and she will strengthen the team with her long experience as a QA engineer at both Nokia and Cisco. 

Other elements we’ll be working on are the remaining pieces of the planned Interactive Video improvements, content type browser (users won’t have to download new content types and updates from H5P anymore) and universal design. There will, of course, come some surprises along the way. We're always working hard to create new great content types.

H5P is currently being used on 2 300+ websites, and probably has millions of end users already. We hope the improvements we’re launching will make users enjoy H5P even more.