Course Presentation - drag and drop questions

Missing images and mp3s in course presentation on WordPress

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I am using course presentation in a Wordpress environment. Sometimes using the drag and drop module, sometimes the image one.

After creating a presentation and looking at it everything seems in order. However, often when I check on it a day or two later it has missing images and audio files. I look on the server and the images are indeed not in the folder of the activityID. I have not detected a timeframe or why this happens. 

I am attaching a screenshot and a link to such activity.

Presentation that Includes interactive video and audio plus drag and drop

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I'm really proud of this activity I created with H5P. I put in a bunch of content types with the goal of teaching students (well anyone) about a theory that tries to explain how young people get drawn into extremist groups.  I've received a lot of great feedback.  Happy to get more!


Drag and drop in Course Presentation not working?

Hi, everyone,

So I've tried to use Drag and Drop on one of the slides in the Course Presentation. With default configuration I get a weird image with an ugly scroll bar. On the Settings tab if I make the blue dotted rectangular bigger, I lose the scroll bar but the image dimentions change as wel. My image doesn't get any better.

Is there a setting I can change to prevent my image from scaling? How can I get the image to fill the entire slide? Is there a minimum image size I need to consider?