Question Set


I have 2 questions concerning translation. I'm using h5p in wp plugin.

1) To create h5p-content with french interface I switched the site default language to French. Then I switched back to English but I still have French interface while editing h5p-content.

2) I changed one of the fr.json file content and see no any reaction. I still get the same label as it was initially. I tried to deactivate and activate plugin, switch site default language. Nothing helps. How can I activate new fr.json file content?



Adding Find the hotspot

Just wondering, is there any way to build a question set using Find the hotspot. It is a good content type to build educaitonal system for small children where they can make the selection. Course presentation currently does not allow to add Find the hotspot content. 

On another note, is there any way to enable fullscreen for question set similar to a feature available in Course Presentation. 



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