Modifying timeline css in Totara

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I'm hoping that this is the right forum for a css query? apologies if not.

I've installed H5P on a Totara 11 site, and am using the Timeline activity to recreate something that we previously hosted in Wordpress. On the whole it has worked fine, except that there are two areas of styling that I would like to change - and as I don't have access to the Totara server or H5P files, I was hoping to do this using Totara's front end custom css option, which simply loads any additional code after all other css has been applied.

Timeline bug? "Building dates"

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Hi, it seems that my previous forum post was not posted. So, I will try again: I am having issues with the timeline content when trying to add larger dates, like -400000 B.C. or -3300000 B.C. - I think it might be a bug, it keeps telling me "Building dates" when I try to view the content and now it said that someone else is changing my content and I cannot save it... Strange... 

I would really appreciate your help on this,

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