Personality Quiz

Error in Moodle: Unable to find Constructor

I have created content using the Personality Quiz. The activity runs fine on and it also renders in Moodle when I am building the course (I use the Chrome browser for development).

When I attempt to load the content in a course (in Firefox) under Guest access, the module doesn't appear. The description displays, but there is nothing after that. I turned on Firebug and two errors appear in the console:

     Unable to find constructor for: H5P.PersonalityQuiz 1.0
     TypeError: instance is undefined

Bugs in Personality Quiz

The checkbox for Title Screen -> Title -> Display Title has no effect. The title always shows whether checked or not.

Also--and this is less of a bug and more of a note--in the Question -> Answer -> Personalities field, this is supposed to be a comma-separated list, but there also has be a space after the comma or the results will not be accurate.