Personality Quiz

How to tweak how the result show in Personality Quiz

So basically i created 6 questions and 5 personalities as a result. If I pick lets say, 3 out 6 for personality A and 3 out of 6 for Personality B, that makes it
Personality A - 3
Personality B - 3

How can i tweak it so the result will show both personality and not Personality A only.


Thank you in advance. Great moule btw.

Italian translation

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It's a while I'm translating H5P interactive contents. My problem now is that I can find neither Personality Quiz nor Advanced Fill the Blanks repositories on Github.

Also, I've noticed it was also released a new content type, Find the Words, and of course I'd love to translate it, but I don't find the repository of this either.

Any help?


How to gather data(or save final result in db) from personality quiz?


After finished the personality quiz, the result show on the screen but that result didn't appear in the database. 

Now I create 3 types of course content. And I want to use data from a personality quiz to show content to the user(difference result from quiz show difference course content) thankyou.