Interactive Video

Detect when at least one interaction has been interacted with in Interactive Video content type


I use H5P with Drupal and am using the hook_alter_script to add some additional functionality and am wondering how I can detect when at least one interaction has been interacted with.


Cinematic Interactive Movie with H5P


"...the encounter of technology and cinematography"

Hello guys.

I am Lucas Simões, film producer in Portugal, and founder of an interactive movie startup. I would like to share our first interactive movie made through the H5P platform."Casa Limpa" offers an immersive cinema experience, through the encounter of technology and cinematography we can make choices during the story and discover different consequences for the characters and the environment.

Your feedback is very important to us.

Another "video format not supported" issue

Hi. I realize this issue has been raised in other posts, but I can't find anything that addresses my particular case. I'm working on what I think will eventually be a fairly large library of interactive videos, and I think we are going to host the videos themselves on our own domain, simply to ensure control over the content. (I did do a test run using YouTube, but the pop-ups when embedded videos are paused made it imptactical; that's the kind of issue we're aiming to avoid.)