Interactive Video

Changing the Interactive Video code



I recently started to use H5P and I want to make new content by using the interactive video, but I want to disable some of the options avaliable there (Like only having the option to use single choise set  and nothing else). 

How can can I work with the existing library? the source code is a little intimidating. Where can I start?

Workflow : marketresearch

He Hello,

I want to use interactive video for marketresearch. For that readson I want to collect the mail-adress and name in the interactive video. I use the Wordpress plugin : 'H5PxAPIkatchu' for collecting the data. I don't see any possiblity to do this. Is there any other content-type I overlook or any other possiblity to combine these things?  The output of the interactive video and the data should stay together.

Thanks, Daan


Interactive video: Cannot see the full submit screen (missing scroll bar)


Not sure if this is considered as a bug or a missing feature, but it seems like a bug to me.

In an interactive video with many different quizzes, i cannot scroll down in the submit screen (which is needed if the list with answered questions is longer than the hight of the video). 

In other words: if the list with questions in the submit screen is too long, the last questions in the list are hidden.