Interactive Video

Enable poster animation on mobile devices

Dear team,

When accessing Interactive Video content types with devices smaller than 560px (so basically portrait mode on smartphones), currently all added interactions are converted to "button interactions" so that users have to click on each interaction to open it (see screenshot_1.png), which in my view, results in a poor user experience on mobile. I would like to have the option to enable "poster interactions" on mobile devices, so that poster interactions will automatically take on the full screen (see screenshot_2.png when the option "pause video" is added. 

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Interactive Video fullscreen mode on iOS has poor UX


1. When you enter fullscreen mode in iOS for the Interactive Video content type, the address bar on top as well as the safari controls on the bottom are still displaying (see screenshots attached) and taking away a major part of the screen space, which makes the fullscreen mode pratically useless in landscape mode. Additionally, in Safari you are able to scroll up and down in fullscreen mode as the video is not fixed to width:100% and height:100%.