Interactive Video

Comprehension questions about Interactive Video & CORS

Hey h5p-Team!

I have two comprehension questions about Interactive Video & CORS:

1. I read in another forum topic about the Interactive Video needing CORS allowed, so subtitles can work. Is CORS needed for other features as well and if not: is there / will there be an option to shut off subtitles and don't use CORS?

Video format not supported — localhost

I recently ditched MAMP for Mac-localhost, where I had H5P working well, for new localhost setup (installed with HomeBrew). Now everything works well except H5P video uploads, which invariably produce the error "Video format not supported" after upload appears to be successful.

Console shows 404 error for  http://wp.localhost/wp-content/uploads/h5p/editor/videos/files-5cb5e2950...

phpinfo shows