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Interactive Video "save content state" not saving user responses

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There appears to be a problem with the "save content state" feature of H5P and the saving of user's responses to questions embedded in Interactive Video. When partially completing a video and then returning to it, only the user's progress or timestamp in the video is saved -- their responses (whether submitted via the "submit screen" or not) are not saved. In fact, even if the user returns to specific questions they've answered already to answer them again, the submit screen does not seem to accurately record their new answer or updated their score.

Moodle Plugin: Disable Upload in Interactive Video

We are a self-hosted Moodle institution. As such, our Moodle server is not set up to function as a media streaming server. When instructors upload videos through H5P Interactive Video and students watch them, it can cause major problems including server stalling and outage. We would like the ability to disable the upload option for Interactive Video in the Moodle H5P Plugin, and only enable video links to be used for Interactive Video.

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