Drag and Drop

Immediate Feedback Option for "Drag and Drop"

The drag and drop feature is amazing! Could you add an "immediate feedback" button to it? I is a behavioral option which I saw in the fill in the blank feature which says, "Automatically Check Answers After Input."

I am teaching my students how to solve equations with it (which is great!). I would like them to be able to drag a number or variable into the spot I have on the worksheet and immediately know whether they got that step of solving the equation correct or incorrect, before moving to the next step.


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Drag & Drop results limited to max. five?

I am just walking my first steps with H5P and I am really exhited about the possibilities. My first trial is a drag & drop question and I am just struggling about the number of results being showed at the end of the task. In my trial there are six draggables but the results never show more than five. You can try here - place 6 draggables in the dropzone and finally click "Überprüfen":


As I couldn't find any hint to this limitation anywhere in the documentation: where is my mistake?
Thank you!