Documentation Tool

Documentation Tool - Replace .docx Template?


This isn't really a bug more than a question regarding the .docx document that is generated from the export of the Documentation Tool. After I fill out my form and export the .docx document, the spell checker in my US version of Microsoft Word begins to mark many of the words incorrect.  I figured out the reason is because the template is using a French dictionary by default, so it doesn't recognize many of my english language words.

Documentation Tool - Including Rich Media


I really like the documentation tool and that it can also be used as a very clean 'tracked' module of learning. The page names to the side of the main content area make it a great tool for chunking content and delivering it in a simple and structured module.

At the moment this tool only has the option to include text and/or forms in the main content areas.

I am not sure if it is possible but it would be great to be able to include video, images, etc, in the current text based content areas. 

Just a thought.

All the best,


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