Image Juxtaposition

Possible bug with image juxtaposition

I noticed that images that should match up do not match up perfectly. For example, in the cropped screenshot attached of my image juxtaposition interaction, the heading of both images are the same, but the content below is different. However, the headings don't line up even though the headings on the source images are identical. Looks like there's a bit of image warping happening.


Image Juxtaposition : bug Firefox


We have a problem of optimization of a plug-in on our website :

  1. We use Image Juxtaposition in our website but it does not work if we use Mozilla Firefox. It works on Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer. The cursor does not move.
  2. Wordpress
  3. Desktop
  4. Firefox
  5. H5P 1.14.1
  6. Image Juxtaposition
    Exemple :

Thank you for your help.


Image Jux Slider - Change color of slider bar

21cccs's picture


I created an image slidker (, but since my image is white and the slider is also white, my students don't realize it's an interactive activity - they just think it's one big picture. 

Would love a way to change the color of the slider, or outline it, or some what to make it stand out against white images. 


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