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Course presentation - Summary slide not showing correct scores


I am having an issue with the course presentation content type. I have a single choice with one question on one side in the course presentation, when a user answers the question and quickly move to the summary slide without waiting for the animation to play out, the answer is viewed as incorrect on when actually its correct. Going back to the slide with the question and returning to the summary slide updates the summary answer to the correct one.

Adding custom H5P content type in Course Presentation

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I am refering to this discussion started by Supriya Rajgopal on Drupal :

It's a pity that the list of H5P contents which are available in Course Presentation is "hard-coded" in the CP files itself. In the Drupal discussion mentioned above, a workaround is given to hack CP to make the inclusion of extra content types. I have followed the instructions and it's working OK. However this hack cannot be considered a satisfactory solution.