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Question about image metadata/alt-text

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Is there a reason why all the images get "Untitled Image" title text if there is no defined metadata for the images?

To conform Wgac guideline 1.1.1?

This is somewhat of a problem if there is a lot of background images in several content packages, graphics etc. which does not necessarily have any informal value but have to be named metadata/alt-text or there will be the forced "Untitled" text in every one of them.


Course Presentation - Visible Screen Size

Hi,  why would the visible screen size on Course Presentation be slightly short of 100% both width and height? It leaves a gap right and bottom, not allowing an image to completely fill the presentation area, screenshot attached.

(I also find it strange that an image pre-sized to be full-size image is imported into the image area at a fraction of the size, meaning you have to stretch it back out again. The smaller image isn't always exactly the same image ratio to the original, we are talking tiny percentages out).