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I really had fun with this presentation. I built an educational activity around the classic "Bag O'Glass" skit seen on Saturday Night Live back in the 70s. NBC won't allow the embedding of the video itself, but I took a few audio bytes and images from the video and built questions around it. Great reaction from my colleagues:


Video Download Option

Hey there...

I have a quick question that might have a simple answer.  On interactive video content types we are able to prevent downloads of videos by selecting the appropriate option in the Display Options.

I'm adding some video into a Course Presentation slide and want to allow player controls for users to play, pause etc... however, their is a download option on the player control.  I want to protect my content from download... is there a simple fix or coding to enable the playback features but remove the download option.

Thanks for you help in advance.

Copy, Paste, Undo

Hi there,

It would be very efficient to have a cop,paste and undo button on Course Presentation!


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