Course Presentation

Summary of scores in course presentation in active surface mode

In the behaviour settings for course presentation, if i check the Activate Active Surface Mode so this removes navigation controls for the end user and Use Go To Slide to navigate, is there a way to still display the summary page with the results from the questions and the scores?


Activity completion in Moodle - Coursepresentation /issue with Active Surface Mode


in my case we work with Moodle, CoursePresentation + alot of Active Surface Mode. 
One of the reasons we use the Active Surface mode so that we can manage the way people navigate through CoursePresentation, as well style it our own way. 

But I bumped into the following issue. 

To mark the activity as completed H5P plugin has 2 settings: 

- When a student "visits" the activity

- When a student gets graded. 

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