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Drag and Drop in Course Pres: save, alignment and scroll bar error.

Hi there :)

I have been working on a Course Pres with 1 drag and drop on each slide (x16 slides). File attached.

Today the draggable items are moving after saves (they move about 20px in random ways). Sometimes they hide under the drop and drag canvas and I can't get them out in edit mode:(

I created this resource in Firefox - when viewed in FF, Chrome and IE the random draggables appear to have moved after each time I save it.

HTML Background on Course Presentation

Am new to H5P, wondering whether could create a feature to set a HTML or a text based page as a background for each slide in Course presentation. At present it supports image format alone. Thank you.

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auto-linking from within H5P Course Presentation not working

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Automatic hyper linking between H5P activities (Course Presentation) using Moodle's Auto-linking feature is not working. (Moodle 3.4).

To Replicate:

  • Enable Auto-linking at Course and H5P level.

Administration: Course administration >Filters)
Activity names auto-linking = On
Glossary auto-linking = On

Administration: H5P > Filters:
Activity names auto-linking = On
Glossary auto-linking = On