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I would love to have some kind of "picking abality". It would work this way:

1. It ist relevant for all kind of content, which includes other types of content: interactive video, course presentation, ... (I don't know which kind of content are there overall, those are the two I use.)

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Text box cuts off top of enlarged text in Course Presentation

Making my first Course Presentation and running into a display glitch with text boxes.  If you look at the attached file, you can see that the red word "Introduction" is cut off at the top (the "I", "t", "d", and "i").  That text is formatted as <h2> but it is also enlarged to 225%.  The bounding box for that element isn't giving enough padding on top to display the text completely.

Modifying Course Presentation Links

I'm creating a course presentation to which I am adding external links.

1. When I add a text link, the link text on the slide is very small. I see no way to enlarge the link text. Is that possible?

2. When I add a link as a button, clicking the link opens a popup window with a text link that then opens the external link. Is there any way to make the button open the link destination directly?