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Summary Slide not appearing in Moodle

May you live in peace!

I have created a course presentation in Moodle using h5p plugin. The presentation has content slides as well as question slides. Somehow, I do not see a summary slide at the end of all the slides which normally should be there. Any hints, why I do not have one?

Further, one I attempt the activity as student, grades are not reflected in course Grades.

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Mahtab Hussain

Questionaire in course presentation content type

Is it possible to add a questionaire to the course presentation content type? It looks like it is available inside of interactive video, but I'm not finding it inside of course presentation.

Thanks for any tips and advice!

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Responsive scaling of images in course presentation


We have an issue with responsive scaling of images in a course presentation. As visible in the attachment, there is a difference in what we see when editing a course presentation an what we see as participants in Moodle. Is there any way this can be fixed?

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Jipke Koster