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Which event fires when summary slide show up


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I am a Moodle developer and am trying to customize summary slide in course presentation. I have already written JS code which can modify the summary slide content as per my needs. The only issue is that when summary slide loads, it shows default slide and I have to reload the page to get my custom design appear.

It appears that I need to run my JS code on a proper event to make it work. I have tried to go through documentation to get to know the relevant one but not successful.

Course presentation and h5p module for Drupal 7 php version conflict

Hello! Thank you for the h5p.

I had some problems with it on the Drupal7 site.

When I open the hub on the page

I don't see the course presentation in the list.

Even when I try to add the library of the course presentation  manually on sites/all/libraries it does not help

When I tried to disable the h5p module to install it again I had 

Error: syntax error, unexpected '[' in .../sites/all/modules/h5p/library/h5p.classes.php, line 4365

in logs

COURSE PRESENTATION: Edit content loading forever, cannot edit

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Hi I just updated the H5P plugin to Version 1.11.0  on my Wordpress 4.9.8

All of my old H5Ps work except for the Course presentation type ones I did a month ago. They display properly, but I can no longer edit them. The content loads forever and there seems to be some errors in the browser console log.

If I upload it to H5P online platform the exercice works perfectly. It only seems to have a problem on my WP platform