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Moodle - Maximum Grade

Hi Guys,

I have a quick question relating to Moodle. On the content creation/editing page for a H5P acitivty, there are two fields under GradeGrade to pass and Maximum Grade.

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Missing images and mp3s in course presentation on WordPress

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I am using course presentation in a Wordpress environment. Sometimes using the drag and drop module, sometimes the image one.

After creating a presentation and looking at it everything seems in order. However, often when I check on it a day or two later it has missing images and audio files. I look on the server and the images are indeed not in the folder of the activityID. I have not detected a timeframe or why this happens. 

I am attaching a screenshot and a link to such activity.

Bodymovin Animation in H5P

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Hi. I'd like to add Bodymovin animation inside of H5P Course Presentation. I've added an example here where I've place the animation on a wordpress site. This was pretty simple, but I'm unsure of the best way to incorporate this into your plugin. 

If it helps, here are the steps that I used to add bodymovin to wordpress.