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Greetings from the very heart of SE Asia, Phnom Penh.

In the Course Presentation Sample, there's a section "How familiar are you with France?" Could somebody tell me what content types have been used there? Or guide me to the tutorial - can't for the life of me find a tutorial that describes that specific workflow. Or just point in the direction of setting up the "Click the flag," the "Find France on the map," and the "Click the national anthem" questions. Any little help greatly appreciated.

Save content state not working with specific course presentation files


I created a course for learning Spanish in Moodle. The course is a blended learning credited course for university students and I have mainly used the 'Course presentation' activity to assess students' progress.

Neither less to say the save content state is a necessary feature since it allows students to come back to the work the have done in the last place where they stopped working. 

Feature request: Import Moodle question bank questions to course presentation&interactive video

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I Would like to see an feature where you can import Moodle question bank questions straigth to course presentation and interactive video libraries (the same type of questions f.ex multiple choice)

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