Prep images for H5P use?

I have avoided using much of the H5P content types because they rely on images which translates to hassle in my mind.  I am working from my own WordPress site. My general purpose is teaching ESL English with some computer literacy to adults at a low level.  H5P is perfect for developing both skills once I get some content for matching, etc.

Missing Image Content Type

Hello, it seems I've had different results when installing h5p on drupal 7. I'm looking to use Image Hotspots with images for hotspots. On my local computer I was able to get the following (h5p-libraries.PNG). I am able to use Image Hotspot with images (hotspotimg.png).

However, I've programatically enabled h5p and h5peditor on drupal for a different server, but am missing libraries (h5p-libraries-cpdev.PNG), more so the Image content type. Is there a way to get these on to my remote server?

Pictures size in "column" activities

Hi! I am creating different activities using H5P and displayed via Moodle. I usually work with the Column and then introduce images + different kind of exercises. The images, however, appear to be SO big and I would like them to be displayed in a small size. I tried reducing the picture but I only get a pixelated one with the same big size. Is there a way to configure it into a smaller size? Thanks a lot,