Remove old content types from Moodle

Hello there, I was wondering if any of you knew how to remove content types previously installed in Moodle.

I haven't found any option to do so from Moodle itself, and I was wondering whether it could be done from the server or someplace else.

The question arose when one of my teachers noted that some of the content types we have are not listed here anymore:

Does that mean that they won't work properly anymore?


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APPEAR.IN-MOODLE-H5P: Has anyone face a problem with using Firefox on a Mac (SIERRA) with the content on a Moodle 3.3 where you click on "enter room" and NOTHING Happens" BUT if you SHIFT+CONTROL+CLICK on the green button and select This Frame + Open Frame in a new window, it opens the room as expected.

I have tried both On and Off to Fit to container.

Am I missing any required settings?