Copy button malfunction in Accordion

I have created and saved two Accordion resources. In edit mode, when I click on the Copy button to "copy H5P content to the clipboard" no H5P content is copied. 

When attempting to paste into our Moodle text editor with HTML code showing, the H5P content is not pasted. Rather the previous clipboard content is pasted.

I ran a command to clear my clipboard before recopying and pasting the H5P content but no content was pasted at all.

Accordion not dropping down in IE11


Accordion is working great in Chrome, but in IE 11 the window is not enlarging to show the content. It remains about 2cm high and the user has to scroll in this miniture window.

I'm wondering if this is a general H5P problem or specific to our version / platform, etc. It happens on IE11 at home as well as our work IE11 environment.

How: using orphaned activity and embedded into course page with script for dynamic sizing
Platform: Totara 2.9
Browser: IE11.295
H5P: 1.15

Accordion Panel Titles - font type and size

I'm using more and more accordions, built in the H5P wordpress plugin, and the embedding them into other websites and within an LMS. It had been commented on by our students and instructors that the variation in text size from what we have as paragraph text on the webpage and then the very large title text for the Panel Titles in the accordion content type is quite jarring. Is it possible to adjust the Panel Title font size through wordpress or does a custom H5Pmod plugin need to be authored to do this?