Dialog cards

Dialog Cards Without The Whitespace


How about Dialog Picture Cards, without the Title, Description, Question Text, Border, Controls and Whitespace. 

Maybe 'Information Cards'

Just a single Picture card!     And Question-Answer to be shown on reverse when picture is clicked.  

The picture takes up all the available space, and becomes the border. The card can be resized as now.

This would allow you the space and control to create Rows or Grids of Cards.  This would be an attractive way to display information.



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Dialog Cards with new features

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Hi there,

This is an invitation to have a look at a couple of examples of activities created with an "improved" version of Dialog Cards, on my garden site here: http://www.rezeau.org/wp-garden/en/category/about/quizzes/

From the "Credits" details on my site:

This activity is based on the H5P Dialog Cards activity with some extra features: