Dialog cards

Dialog Cards don't make sense! (to me anyway)


I have recently started to work with the dialog card module of h5p, however I have found that, for my purposes at least, they just don't make sense.

I need to use them as what are traditionally called flashcards, where there is a question/problem on one side and the answer on the other (the h5p flashcard module does not work in this way as all the information is on one side of the cards).

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Most content types not showing


Overnight, most of my H5P content does not show anymore.

Content of type Memory Game still shows.

Content of type Flashcards, Dialog Cards and Question Set does not show anymore. I can still edit the content in the H5P Content screen and I see all content in the libraries. However, both in the admin mode and on the webpages these content types no longer are shown.

What is happening? Is this a local issue are an H5P issue?