Multiple Choice

Multiple Choice Question.

Hello. I have a problem with multiple choice question. I looked the multiple choice tutorial and I noticed "Media Section" is missing in editor. Because of the fact that, the page is not saving when I clicked the save button. There is an error message in console. I tried this in firefox and chrome, stuation is same.I added the console image and editor image.

Moodle version: 3.7

Platform: Desktop

H5p Version: 1.18

H5p content type: multpile choice/ multiple choice in course presentation

TypeError: H5PIntegration.contents

TypeError: H5PIntegration.contents[("cid-" + contentId)] is undefined on line #401 in line 2 > eval

I am getting this error in the visual editor of the Oxygen page builder plugin for Wordpress.  Everthing seems to be working on the front end, but I keep seeing this error on the back end (inside the visual editor of Oxygen).

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!