Image Sequencing

No tick in Your Progress when an Image Sequencing content type is completed


Im using Moodle 3.3.2+,
When i complete an Image Sequencing content type quiz there is no tick in the Your Progress box, so it seems like its not completed.
Its the only content type with this issue, all the others provide the tick when someone completes them.

I checked the settings for Activity completion and are the same as every other content type that is working.

Any ideas why?

Unable to upload pictures

I seem to have an unusual issue in live where we cannot upload pictures and just see the throbber. In dev which is hosted locally on Drupal everything works fine, out live site is in AWS and also running Drupal.  I can't see anything in the logs and in dev toolbar it just starts to upload the file but never finishes it.  I've tried changing from private to public files etc but still no joy.  Any ideas anyone?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Cant upload h5p file to Moodle

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I'm having problems uplading h5p files to our Moodle. There is an interactive video that i downloaded from the h5p webpage and i can upload it without a problem. But then, there is an Image Sequencing file that for some reason just does not want to upload. I tried it in my Moodle and our schools' one. I tired some tips from previous similar problems like deleting .vtt files (after opening it in zip under image folder and so on), but likewise it does not work.  Is there a way to correct this? The message i get is as follows in Message 1: