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H5P presentation - full screen button not consistently appearing

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In H5P presentations the full-screen button sometimes appears, sometimes it does not. This happens in the 'environment' and I can't find an explanation for it. There are no settings to enable/disable the full-screen button. I experimented with 2 presentations with the same content in the same environment (browser: Chrome on desktop), please see attached screenshot.

Any explanation, please?

Thanks and regards



New Content Type: Lesson


We are currently planning to develop a new content type: Lesson (this name is tentative). We could summarize it as halfway between "Collumn" and "Course Presentation", as the fomer does not allow a sequential progress, and the latter does not behave well on smart phone screens. The goal of this content type is to provide a smooth user experience for mobile users (mostly). 

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Problems editing Content - EVERYTHING disappears

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The last 2 years no problem at all and have not made any changes/updates to software since the last use a few months ago.

A couple of days ago I made minor changes to H5P content that I had created earlier (tried to make the menu invisible). The way I went about it was using h5p content > all content > then double clicked to open the one(s) I wanted to change.

Did my changes, saved, tried to re-open and the Screen just shows the WP menu on the top and everything else is blank (see attachment 1).