Speak the words and Speak the words Set

Speak the words and Speak the words set

Hey guys,

Thanks for this AMAZING PLUGIN!

I would like to ask if you guys have ever thought about having the possibility of letting us add audio, images and text such as lists to the Speak the words and Speak the words set activities. Many times I want my student base their answers on pictures, audio, or a list of alternatives and it would be great if we had these kind alternatives. or maybe add speak the words feature to course presentation or interactive videos!

Thanks again

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apostrophe in introduction title for Speak the Word Set


Could you please fix the apostrophe (') not dispalying correctly in Introduction title for Speak the Word Set. It always gives '? For example, when I put "L'introduction" in the introduction title field, in output I see "L'introdution". This is applicable only for the introduction title field, in introduction texte field everything is displayed correctly. 

Thank you!

Speak the words and Speak the words Set do not recognize voice in Moodle


I just installed from the moodle website the mod_hvp_moodle33_2017083100 update of H5P and tried to add some of the speaking activities, but it doesn't register any voice. It just stays on Listening. I am using moodle 3.1 (with Evolve-d theme) and the most up to date version of Chrome. I even tried embedding the sample activites from the hp5 website, and they also didn't work. They DO work when I use them from the h5p website in the same browser with the same laptop, but not within my moodle. Please help, I love your tool and would love to use it!