Skipping quiz

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Hello, I use H5P in my WPLMS themed website. They created the option to embed the quizzes and use the scores on their certificates. Really cool! Normally I can skip a quiz by clicking VOLGENDE (that means NEXT in Dutch). I have no issues. Expect when I click next in two specific H5P quiz types: h5p-speak-the-words-set or h5p-dictation. THis happens for both me as admin or as member/student. It doesn't happen when I have don the quizzes and want to skip them a next time just to go through them. This is the report when I click F12/inspect and go to console: https://imgur.com/a/F4hGK4V. Any idea what it could be? I embed them as quizzes, should I add them as normal elements? That we the score doesn't count in the end, but perhaps that could be worth a try... Any advice? Gijs