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Is it possible to add attributes to image_hotspot popup content items?


This is for Image Hotspot Content type in Drupal 8.

Is it possible to add attributes to popup content items? For example, I have multiple images inside a hotspot popup, Currently, I am seeing both the images will have the same attributes. If I want to apply CSS properties to one of the images, It's not possible now. since all the similar type of content items are having the same attributes. 

Please advise me how should I play around with the theming part of hotspot overlay contents. Particularly if multiple contents available of the same type. 

Image Hotspot - Size

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When using the Image Hotspots Content Type, when uploading an image it stretches it to fit a standard size of display. So if I upload let's say a thumbnail, it becomes pixelated and stretches it to the size of the form. Can this be fixed?

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