Course Presentations Editor not loading

Ever since I found the Course Presentation activity from H5P, I have found this to be most useful for what I would like to do on my Moodle site. However, I am running into a weird problem. I have had varied success in going after creating one and editing it. For some reason, going into the settings to use the editor has a problem where most of the time, it simply won't load. I just stalls on "Loading..." I found the template for giving info that can be most helpful, so I'll use that to explain it better.

1. Detailed steps to reproduce the bug (exactly how and when did it happen)

Not getting call back event - In Video


Hello Everyone! Need help from experts here....

I am using H5P for interactive video on my WordPress site, and when I am using library version 1.21 I am not getting a call back event. Reason I need the call back event is to ensure website users completed viewing the video till the very end. This functionality was working on previos library version 1.19.  Can someone please help me how to solve this issue? Would really appreciate it!