Image HotSpot image hotspots

Use Image Hotspot in Image Slider


(how) is it possible to implement an image hotspot into the image slider tool (like it is on the image hotspot info page with the berries and the map)?

Or is it even Possible to implement an image Hotspot as an image in the image hotspot tool?

I would like to create a worldmap. On this worldmap I would like to display and summarise arround 10 project works. If I use the normal Image Hotspot tool, the Hotspots are too big, so that it is not clear in which country the project was.

Create Content Type for QuestionSet


I want to make the Content Type "H5P.ImageMultipleHotspotQuestion-1.0" work within a QuestionSet-1.13 as all the other QuestionSet-Enabled Content Types. So I nowhere found any information about what xAPI-Functionality has to be implemented or which other requirements have to be met to accomplish this. 

Can someone give me a link to the documentation or give me a little todo-List? I would love to contribute the newly QuestionSet-Enabled ImageHotspot Library to the community of Questionset users but at the moment I just don't know how.

Thanks in advance, Julian!

Missing Image Content Type

Hello, it seems I've had different results when installing h5p on drupal 7. I'm looking to use Image Hotspots with images for hotspots. On my local computer I was able to get the following (h5p-libraries.PNG). I am able to use Image Hotspot with images (hotspotimg.png).

However, I've programatically enabled h5p and h5peditor on drupal for a different server, but am missing libraries (h5p-libraries-cpdev.PNG), more so the Image content type. Is there a way to get these on to my remote server?