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Interative Course - No Navigation Page Swiping

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Hello Guys,

I have bean using h5p for quite a while now. I am very satisfied! :)

However, I have recently tried to create interactive courses but disabling the navigation. That is activating: "Activate Active Surface Mode".
Which gives me additional area for content of for my own navigation design. And I like it!

Problem here is that users can't swipe pages :(.
Can that be fixed?

Or maybe it is, i am using older version of h5p module because of the integration with my education app.

Just let me know, thanks

Interactive Course - Allow users to upload a file

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Interactive Course module was great so far, really nice job!

However I wanted to ask if there is a way for a user to upload a PDF trough the course as a response to particular questions?
Basicaly I would like if there is a possiblity to add an upload function to Ineractive Courses or as a module which than can be used other than only in Interactive Course. This feature will upload PDF, Word files, etc.

Let me know if this is something managable and usable to you? :)

Best regards,

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