H5P timeline

H5P plugin reset?

Hey there,

We have tons of material created with H5P but there is one single module, the Timeline that we can't use. All material we create with Timeline can not be opened to view by the students: 'Exception - Call to a member function get_content() on boolean'. All the other H5P plugins work perfectly and even Timelines can be opened to edit, but not to view.

Timeline content

Is it possible to alter the time index in the timeline content.


I would like to create a timeline package that is on a macro scale, by this I mean from start to finish is 0 - 6 seconds.

I would also need increments of 0.01 seconds.

I am looking to put an info package together for the sequence that an aircraft Ejection System undergoes when used.

Timeline Exception: Call to a member function get_content() on boolean

Hey there,

I tried to add my first H5P timeline to a course in Moodle. I set up two dates, images, captions, etc. H5P saved it w/o any error message and I can see the activity in my course. When I (or sb else) try to open it I get 'Exception - Call to a member function get_content() on boolean' error message. I deleted and re-created the activity with no luck.

Additionally on the page with the Exception I also have a js console error msg: ReferenceError: H5PIntegration is not defined @ h5p.js:987:7.