H5P Core 1.3 release note

This is a release note for version 1.3 of the H5P Core.

The H5P Core is a PHP library included in all plattform integrations of H5P.

About warnings when upgrading to core 1.3

Due to licensing reasons FontAwesome has been removed from H5P Core. The different content types that use FontAwesome now has a FontAwesome library as a dependency instead.

Websites with missing icons and graphics after upgrading to core 1.3 must upgrade their H5P libraries so that the different content types use the FontAwesome H5P library instead of trying to use the removed font in H5P Core.

Changes in H5P Core 1.3

  1. The H5P editor is now running in an iframe. This is to avoid problems with the site's css. This change will fix any css conflicts between a website's css and the editor's css. A negative effect of this change is that if a website has custom css to tune the look and feel of the H5P editor this css will stop working.
  2. It is now possible for a new minor or major version of a library to upgrade existing content to a new structure. For instance the H5P.Summary library used to be an array of arrays with text fields representing the alternatives, now it is an array of groups with a tip field and an array of the alternatives. The groups were introduced to make it possible to add tips to the summaries. The content upgrade feature have been documented for developers.
  3. Due to licensing reasons FontAwesome have been removed from core. Libraries that uses FontAwesome now has a dependency to the FontAwesome library instead.
  4. General improvements for fullscreen/resizing
  5. Bugfixes