Embed from Wordpress

The demos published by h5p.org have two "buttons" "download" and "embed".

When you are using the "embed" option you can use one framework (cms) for running the h5p modules and one other framwork/cms to make them "public visible". With this option you can "embed" h5p modules in a lot of different platforms.

Like here I am running the h5p presentation module "inside" Mediawiki but actualy it's not, its just your demo h5p mudule that is embedded into the Mediawiki page.


I can not see any such "embed button" on my (real) h5p installations running under WordPress. Is it possible to add or configure such an "embed button", so that you can "supply content" til other platforms like Mediawiki?

Don't know if it is possible to embed h5p modules into Moodle as well ..???
(But my important question is: Can I embed from Wordpress as the h5p platform?)

I think that I might have found the answer myself. I made a new test installation under Drupal, and on this framework there was a embed button as well. This should mean that if you run your H5P "applications" (presentations/lessons/courceware) on a Drupal framwork you will be able to embed the H5P content fram the Drupal framework over to other frameworks like Mediawiki and possibly also Moodle (?? Not tested yet.)

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You are right :) The embed feature haven't been implemented in Wordpress yet. Only Drupal.

We will add it to Wordpress also, but we'll improve it first. Currently we use an HTML script tag for embedding. We'll start using the iframe tag instead which is more normal. The current embed code doesn't work everywhere for security reasons.