Modifying the presentation module

The presentation module should be should be a bit more "useable" if the two arrows were used for "last slide" and "next slide".

I guess this modification should require just a minor modification of a java script that is hidden somewhere in the h5p module and that controls the interactivity of the module (When module interactivity is used by end-user.)

Is this right or will there be more "reprogramming" to do?

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You are correct, there should be minor changes in javascript to make this improvement. This change will make it impossible to scroll in the panel showing the slidenumbers, though.

On our roadmap, we have an issue to make the navigation better, but I am not sure when this will be finished.

Since H5P is free and opensource, you can do whatever changes you like to the code (

Im not clever enough yet, but I will give it a try soon :-)