Multible instances of a "h5p object"?

I can see from the documentation that you can make a multible instance implementation of H5P module.

How do you do this?

I can imagine two alternative ways:

A. You just install the h5p module one time and then implement it in different web pages and you will have multiple instances of the same h5p module.

B. A will not work, and you will have to upload the same h5p module under different names. There will then still only be installed one common library, but each different web page will have to use different named h5p modules.

As the h5p module also includes "the visualy displayed datas" I guess the alternative B is the right one .. ?? Right or wrong??
(Or can the H5P module contain multible instances of "visual datas"?)

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I am not sure I follow you? Are you talking about multisite WordPress-installation?

From your developer documentation:

Library folders
A library folder contains all logic, stylesheets and graphics that will be common for all instances of a library.

At what time and in which situations will there be "multible instances" of a library?

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If you create e.g several Presentations on a website, these presentation use the same library (H5P.CoursePresentation), and you will have multiple instances of this library. Also, if the H5P.CoursePresentation-library is updated on your site, alle presentations will be updated.

Was this the answer to your question?

PS: After you have uploaded your first H5P, you may create new instances of this H5P Content type here: (WordPress).

Thanks. This was a "clarifier".

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Great! Wee need these kind of questions to get better explaining what H5P is!