Jumping down to unknown location on the page

When first interaction is made with Interactive Video or iFrame Embedder, the page jumps / scrolls down to some location down the page (on iPhone/iPad).

We have many cases, especially when pages are long or there are more than one H5P on a page. It is impossible to find one's way back on long pages. :-( One case is here:

  1. go to on iPad or iPhone https://eskript.ethz.ch/videosinteaching/chapter/interactive-videos/
  2. Scroll down to the first interactive video, not further.
  3. If you click in/on the play bar e.g. to see what the first interaction is (like in the middle of the play bar to see the middle part of the video),
  4. the page jumps down.

When it has jumped once (or twice) it doesn't usually happen anymore. It always happens when the page has freshly been loaded.

We use WordPress (4.8) plugin 1.8.4 of H5P. Both interactive videos on the page above are version 1.16.0. We have the same problem with almost all iFrameEmbedder modules that contain stuff to do in them (e.g. Geogebra). Tested on iPad with Safari, Firefox and Chrome, on iPhone with Safari.

Thank you so much for looking into this and sharing some insight. We're a bit at a loss. And thank you for making the interactive videos working on iPhones (or was that the iOS update?)! Great work anyway. We love all H5P modules and the new Dashboard especially.

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Hi Sarahfr,

This is an unusual issue and yes it looks like a bug. I filed a report for you and you can follow it here.

Can you also provide 1 to 2 more sample sites that is having the same issue.

Please visit this thread everynow and then as we may ask for additional information.


Hi BV52

Thank you for filing this. Here are two more pages:

Unfortunately, the problem may well be "iframe vs. iOS". Can you reproduce the issues also on other web pages (not just ours)?

Best, Sarah

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Hi Sarah,

You are welcome and thank you for the additional examples. 

You may be right and that would probably be the first thing that we will look into. Sorry but I do not have any other sites that I can test this with.


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Hi Sarah,

The issue is not present in the latest code base. This issue should be resolved on the next release, although I don't have a timeline yet when it would happen.


Dear BV52

Yes, it's solved for the interactive video. This is super awesome! :-)

Unfortunately, it is not solved for the iFrame Embedder. Example here (newest WP Plugin 1.9.2 with newest iframe embedder libraries 1.0.16)

Thank you for re-opening, maybe just for iframe embedder.

Best, Sarah


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Since H5P can't do anything inside the geogebra iFrame, there's nothing we can do about this. I.e: you have to file this issue to geogebra.org.