Interactive video in Android via WP not resizing

We seem to be having an issue with interactive video on Android devices. When the screen is in portrait mode it works fine. When the screen is in landscape mode we losesome of the height - either the bottom or the top of the video is off screen.  We thought this might be resolved by clicking on the full screen arrow in the bottom right of the H5P player bar but that doesn't seem to work at all. We are able to replicate this on multiple Anroid devices. We are pulling the video in from Youtube and our H5P is installed on WP. We are on the most recent version of H5P. Has anyone experienced a similar issue or has a solution? Image attached illustrating the issue.


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Hi Richard,

What is the white "banner" on top of the screen? Is that covering the missing part of the H5P?

Hi Falcom, It's part of our WP site. We will remove it and see if that helps.

Does anyone have recommendations for embedding H5P in WordPress for use on Android devices? It's landscape format of the device we are having issues with, something is preventing the 'play full screen button' in the H5P player bar from working.

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I you send me the link I can look into it.