The State of H5P

H5P has been around for about a year now. At the beginning of 2014 we had around 10 visitors on every weekday. Now the number has grown to 200 – 250 visitors per day. H5P has been downloaded 792 times for Wordpress and 2150 times for Drupal.

H5P has gone from being an idea and a concept to becoming something that matters to hundreds of individuals and organizations. We are having calls and meetings with organizations around the world that are building their own products using H5P or delivering H5P products to their consultancy customers.

H5P has received some attention on the Internet boosting the interest for the project. 19.03.2014 an article was posted on and 07.08.2014 a great article about H5P titled ”Wordpress and H5P: The future of rich content?” was published on wpmudev. There have also been a lot of tweets mentioning H5P. Especially right after these two articles were published.

August 1st the current H5P core team had their first full-time days at work for the H5P company Joubel, before this there were in average one full-time position working with H5P. The resources available to move H5P forward are now four times bigger. Joubel is also looking for two more developers so that there will be six engineers and designers working full time to move H5P forward. We hope our users will enjoy the new features we will be adding, like new content types, improved UX and the ability to install and update H5P libraries without having to download H5P files from

We also start to see an active community growing around H5P with examples of community members answering each other’s questions super-fast. We have a few examples of community members contributing patches and a couple of examples where community members have contributed money to get new features in place. There are many new posts and comments by community members on every day.

H5P is very young. So far, the interest for H5P has been growing exponentially, and with the resources available to move H5P forward growing exponentially as well, we see a very exciting future for H5P. We strongly believe that we will be able to do what we set out to do - Empower everyone to create, share and reuse interactive content.