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This is an idea/wish from a session that was held at OERcamp17 in Hamburg, Germany on June 24.

As often requested ... :-)

  • As a content creator, I want to be able to use LaTeX in order to display formula. Even inline notation without a graphical editor would be very fine!
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Thanx for sharing my question here, hope to find a solution. There was nothing really useful in other threads.

I would like to express my full support for this idea. Thank you, Oliver.

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Hi Otacke,

It sounds very useful. Formula input is strongly needed.

But I'm not sure how "web compatible" LaTeX is (on the display side).

Does anybody have any experience with this?

- Tom

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The only experience I have with including LaTeX to a platform myself is MathJax, and it works very well on desktop browsers and on Android at least. Don't know about iOS or other mobile systems though.

EDIT: I just checked some browsers using browserstack and MathJax's common HTML mode, HTML-CSS mode and SVG mode. Desktop browsers seem to be a piece of cake: even older versions of Safari, Opera, Firefox, Chrome and even the IE down to version 9 seem to render formulas flawlessly. Chrome on Android seems to be fit as of version 4, Safari as of iOS 8 (although the doc says even older versions should be fine), and WindowsPhones seem to work, too.

MathJax is licensed under an Apache License 2.0.

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Ok, I was not aware there was a releation between LaTeX and MathJax.

I know this is a really sought after feature, and would mean the world to a whole range of fields.

- Tom

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Soon we will release a job offer for this special LaTeX-development (display formula + LaTeX-input), because we really want and need it. Is there a special place here to present that offer?

Other question for LaTeX with H5P:

I also use the WordPress plugin WP-Pro-Quiz. For this it is possible to write LaTeX-Code (WP QuickLatex-plugin installed) in the quiz-questions and WordPress displays them as a formular. H5P doesn't. Where is the difference - why is it so difficult to get this in H5P? I don't code, so my knowledge is few for that ;)


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There is no special forum for job offerings here at yet. I suggest you post it to "General discussion".

why is it so difficult to get this in H5P?

I don't think this is more difficult to implement than many of the other features in H5P, it just hasn't been done yet...

There are several threads on LaTeX/MathJax but there seems no obvious progress in this direction. I am convinced that Latex support would give h5p a big boost as it could then be better used in higher education for many science/technical subjects.

@ TGunner: Is somebody at your place working at an Latex/MathJax solution?


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Hi Haerter!

You seem to have missed this recent post:



Thanks a lot for this quick reply. I really missed the other thread and will be anxiously waiting for the release.

The approach with $$...$$ or \[...\] seems very appropriate (especially for Moodle users).

Best, Joerg

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Hi Joerg!

Unfortunately, I cannot estimate when we'll release a first version (I could possible demonstrate what we have in Hamburg next month). There's a limit to what we can do with our resources -- hence I can only emphasize again that H5P is (should be) a community effort ...