Asking several questions and defining more than one hotspot in "Find the hotspot"

Hi !

I'm using the "Find the hotspot" activity with a picture representing a circus. I ask my students (who are learning french) : "Can you spot the lion's head ?" I have defined several zones on the pictures so that when they click on the dog's head instead, a feedback message message is displayed : "No, this the DOG's head !" If they click on the clown's head, another feedback message is displayed : "No, this is not a lion, this is a clown !" This way, my students can review their vocabulary and / or learn new words. (see screenshot 1)

I would like to be able to keep the same background image to ask my student other questions, for instance : "Can you spot the dog on the picture ?" It allows me to check if they have memorized the "DOG" word. And I'd like to keep asking them questions on this same picture : "Where is the ballerina ?" "Spot the clown", etc...

I can create 10 different "Find the hotspot" activities using the same circus picture and embed them in a WP post but :
1) This is not really efficient nor elegant way to proceed : the page is loaded with 10 times the same picture and it's quite clumsy.
2) As I define more than 12 different zones on the picture with different feedbacks ("This is the clown", "This is the dog's head") I have to repeat this 10 times and this is taking really long, too long.

So if I could embed the "Find the hotspot" activity in the "Question set", I could keep asking my students about the same picture without having to embed 10 times the same activity in a post. This would be nicer but I still would have to define the 12 different zones with feedbacks for each of the 10 different "Find the Hotspot"activities.

So it would be even nicer if if we could add several questions and hotspots on the same picture in the same "Find the hotspot" activity :)

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Thank you for sharing. This feature (Multiple questions on one image) has been requested by others as well, and there is a University that are considering to fund this. If they do this feature should arrive within a month or two. If not it might take more time.


Thanks for your reply. Let's hope that this feature will be funded and developed one day, the sooner the better ;)