• Is there anyway to get around the content linking and embedding limitations of 'Column'?

iFrame embedding would not work for a known YouTube video or slideshares, or even another seemingly ordinary webpage (when i try to place the link to it here on H5P it causes your H5p webapage to freeze crash!): It only worked for your site and wikipedia, otherwise I am told to open in a new window/tab, which does actually work, but looks terrible. Equally limiting was that for the webpages that did display, only the initial screen page is shown and there does not appear to be any scroll down ability. This would be highly useful for Google books and scholar etc. in which extracts of books and study materials are displayed for free.

  • Are slideshares and youtube really a publisher side problem, or is this an H5P quirk?
  • Is there any workaround for the webpage scrolling issue?

The Text content type also appears to be somewhat devoid of text styles/formatting and rich media content capability apart from a simple text link. iFrame Embedding would also be highly useful in this context, as in creating media rich content pages without the need to leave the immediate page. This would do away with the need for several other drupal modules in normal drupal nodes/pages.

  • Is the only way to work around this problem by embedding, E.g. Course Presentation into the Column content type?
  • Is the text typeface styles and formatting a Drupal or H5P dependent issue?

Originally I had though that Column' meant placing content in two or more columns side by side, but it I have only seen this capability for images using the Juxtaposition content type.

  • Is there any direct work around for this, or are we back to the Course Presentation content type again?

Sorry for the long help request, but Column, like Course Presentation seems to be at an intersection of many overlapping features and hence content types that could really make content creation a joy rather than a tedius and frustrating chore.  So much of the code is already created and available in your other content types, it should not be too bigger stretch to combine these capabilities more within individual content types, as well as within the larger course and presentation focused ones. To this end i am very much looking forward to the arrival of the so-called micro-course I have heard hints about ;-)





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  1. Sounds like it might be related to the access control allow origin header for the webserver. You should probably easily be able to configure a wider access, but be aware of the security implications. (and this probably can't be fixed on
  2. Typeface and styles for H5Ps should not be affected by styles on the host page (Drupal), but can be changed as described here.
  3. There not not any work on improving column right now, but I belive there are plans to improve it.

Thanks for your feedback and input Chris. I hope I covered most of the points you were wondering about.

- Tom