Is there such activity?

First of all thank you H5P creators for such great resource! I'm new here, so may be the feature I'm looking for exists and I just couldn't find it.

So, I'd like to create the sequence of tests like essays which require user to put some formatted text into textarea and this text is compared to text template (may be written with regexp's or custom logic written in js or php )  and see if they match .  It would be great if I could place such tests into interactive video.

The question is is there something like this? For now I only saw multichoice questions, filling blanks and so on, which is not what I need.

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I'm glad you find H5P useful!

Fill in the blanks with the input box on separate lines option activated is as close as you get today, but this is one of the classical question types that we know we're missing. You might want to chime in here as this guy seems to be experimenting with something relevant.